Our child care center is focused on providing developmentally appropriate activities for every child in our care. From 6 weeks to 5 years, our programs aim to meet the needs of each child’s individual age and development level. Children work at their own pace, establishing an enthusiasm for learning and preparing for life-long learning. We work hard to create a fun, loving, organized, and stimulating environment that your children will feel comfortable in.

In each age group, our experienced teachers provide activities to help build new skills and improve confidence. Our staff of teachers and caregivers understand the importance of learning and developing critical skills early on in life. Learn about the programs provided in each age group below.

Infant Room

approximately 6 week to 10-12 Months

At Smart Cookies, our caregivers focus on primary caregiving. We work to help every child build a sense of security and lay a foundation for the development of confidence and trust. We work closely with the parents to customize a daily routine that will fit the family’s needs. Our staff is educated and trained in infant development and we provide a stimulating, safe, and secure environment to encourage the infants to explore and trust their caregivers.


approximately 10-12 months to 18 months

In this age group, we encourage the children to explore the world around them. Activities are child initiated. Our caregivers act as facilitators for the children as they give support and guidance. The activities offered for this age group are for manipulation and exploration. Materials in the rooms will be rotated often, as the interests of the children change. A stimulating environment is created to nurture curiosity and motivate each child. Parents receive weekly lesson plans to gain insight into what key concepts are being introduced. 

Toddler I

approximately 18 months to 2.5 years

Short group activities are essential for this group. We build upon their interest and share the joy of uncovering the pleasures of everyday life. Your child will be surrounded with meaningful language to enhance the learning value of each new experience. Your child will be given the tools to experiment with newly acquired abilities. They will discover that they can make things happen. This increased awareness occurs while the children are enjoying sand play, water play, toy riding, shape sorting, block building, kitchen play, ball bouncing, and many other activities. 

Toddler II

approximately 2.5 to 3 years

At this age, children are beginning to develop special friendships. They will learn to interact with their peers. Group activities are extended and academic introduction will begin to take place. Activities are modified according to each child’s own individual creativity and self- expression. This age group will continue to enjoy many of the same activities mentioned earlier. Potty training is also part of the classroom. We will work with parents and children to conquer potty training in a nurturing, safe, and positive way.

Pre-K 3s

approximately 3 to 4 years

Social development is very important at this age. Children are developing stronger relationships and learning how to treat each other. Sharing, caring, helping, manners, and healthy habits are some of the concepts the children practice. Using words to express emotion is a main focus in the class. The children learn to verbalize feelings and ask for what they want. Sitting during circle time, paying attention at story time, listening to each other speak and practicing patience, help prepare the children for a structured school day. In addition to social skills, the children practice writing, numbers, sensory play art and dramatic play (just to name a few!). Please see our curriculum page for more information. 

Pre-K 4s

approximately 4 to 5 years

Kindergarten preparation is emphasized at this age level. The teacher prepares lessons geared toward reading readiness skills and self- expression. The children are offered a variety of activities to enhance social development, as well as pre-math and pre-reading skills. Children will build a strong academic foundation through structured learning and carefully planned curriculum. Please see our curriculum page for more information. 

Enrichment Programs

We also offer enrichment programs to enhance your child’s learning and fun here at Smart Cookies Early Childhood Center. These additional programs give children the opportunity to become more interested in their own personal creative outlets.

Children can discover more ways to express their individuality and creative thinking through soccer, gardening, language, and dance. Regular child care activities and these special programs will help to encourage characteristics such as self-confidence, curiosity, persistence, initiative, and the ability to focus. 


Our resident Spanish teacher is Senora Gladys Labarca. A native of Santiago, Chile, she is married and has 2 grown children. Her daughter resides in Chicago and her son and his family reside on Daniel Island. She is the grandmother of 2 boys, one 14 years old and the other 11. She has been in the USA her entire life and graduated from Drexel University. She has been teaching Spanish to early childhood children for 30 years. The objective in every class is to have your children actively participate in the Spanish language. Ages 2 and up; offered every Wednesday. Through her Spanish teaching, the children will learn day-to-day experiences expressed and presented in the Spanish language. 

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All above enrichment programs are included with tuition.

Optional programs (additional fee)

Ask about Soccer Shots and Dance Express.

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